UN SON DOUX, It sounds just NOUVELLE ALTERNATIVE pop world for us.

When the Sensitivity of the French melody and the spiritual and mindful world of Japanese met and got together, this unit has born. Some songs sounds mysterious, the other one sounds sweet and the other one sounds bitter "acide". This is the NEW SPACE OF THE ALTERNATIVE MUSIC WORLD.

Un son doux is an ambient pop unit band formed by French artist Jonathan DGX and Japanese artist & actress CHIHARU KONNO. It means "sweet, gentle sound" in French.

The characteristics of this Unit sounds are the solo E G by the deep distortion and reverb, and mysterious ambient strings synthesizer. On that sounds, Chiharu's voices sounds impressive. The Lyrics of UN SON DOUX are composed by Chiharu and Jonathan. Chiharu's lyrics words are made up by her Japanese spiritual concept and IDEA. It express not only man and woman love world, but also it express the nature, life, philosophitic and punkish world.


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